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The modular JavaScript framework

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Key characteristics and features include:

  • Gives your applications a structure
  • Environment agnostic (runs in browser, server, and CLI)
  • Rendering library agnostic (integrates with React, Vue, and Preact)
  • Composable with multiple packages as needed
  • Each package is focused on doing one thing only and doing it well
  • Modular architecture with Apps
  • Embraces reactive programming with RxJS
  • Progressive and easy to adopt in existing applications

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Quick start

Install frint-cli:

$ npm install -g frint-cli

Initialize an example app:

$ frint new my-directory --example kitchensink

Now you can install all the dependencies, and start the application:

$ cd my-directory
$ npm install
$ npm start

Find more examples here.


The framework is a collection of these packages, which can be composed together on demand:

Package Status Description
frint frint-status Base for creating Apps
frint-store frint-store-status State management with reactive stores
frint-data frint-data-status Reactive data modelling
frint-react frint-react-status React.js integration
frint-react-server frint-react-server-status Server-side rendering of Apps
frint-router frint-router-status Router services for building Single Page Applications
frint-router-react frint-router-react-status React components for building SPAs
frint-cli frint-cli-status CLI runner
frint-model frint-model-status Use frint-data instead

For library developers

These packages enable you to create packages integrating FrintJS with other rendering libraries:

Internally used

Community projects


MIT © FrintJS Authors and Travix International